Hi there,

i'm really new in guitar, only for about four months.
and i'm not very sure how i should hold a pick right,
so here are two pictures

should the pick be a little bit slanting? as in the first picture
or should it be completely parallel along with the thumb? as the second pic

First pic
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Second pic
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or maybe it just depends on how fast the speed is??

i'm a noob and fairly confused
please help me out, thanx!
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It doesn't really matter, it's the angle that it makes when it hits the strings that's important. Personally mine is more like the first pic than the second.
Speed is a by-product of shut the fuck up.
you shouldnt try to keep the pick in one position you will need to move the position depending on what your doing with it such as pinch harmonics but if you really need advice i say hold it the way you hold a pencil

something like that
but what ever works for you
look at people like Marty Friedman,and willy Alder very odd ways to hold picks they have but it works so what ever your good with
Personally, I hold my pick in another way than you did in the picture, not sure on how to describe it though
I think you should hold it in a way so that it's comfortable for you though, there's no right or wrong way
hold it between your thumb and pointer finger. then kind of outstretch your other three fingers across the strings so that your hand forms a "d" when you look at it. this is my personal preference. do as you will, but it is very efficient.

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Did you guys even read what he wrote or look at the pictures?
He knows the pick is held between the thumb and index, he's asking about the angle of the pick within those fingers (look at the pictures).
Speed is a by-product of shut the fuck up.
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Its more of a personal preference but if you are trying to learn how to shred or how to do pinch harmonics theres always going to a "best way" to do it which comes from holding your pick.

I hold my pick closer to the second picture with my knuckle (thumb) thats closest to the nail bent a bit more so the pick angles downward. I was always told that slanting your pick helps the pick move off of the string easier

Do what ever is comfortable for you.