I don't actually own a Whammy, but I get to mess around with my other guitarists a lot since all his gear basically lives at my house now. So I'm wondering if anyone knows if the expression pedal on it has a setting to change the sensitivity.

I've messed around with the dive bomb effect on it and its pretty awesome but in this song at about 2:15 it's like the dive bomb effect but really slow. I couldn't really imagine being able to do that unless the Whammy has some kind of sensitivity control or something. Yeah I realize there's a good chance its some studio effect but I'm just hoping maybe it can be done with a Whammy without it being a pain.

So, way too much for a simple question haha. I searched it a bit, but mostly came up with stuff for other pedals. And I'm at work so I didn't search too hard. Thanks if anyone knows.
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i dont even hear a divebomb there. its just a low chord ringing out?
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well my whammy pedal is pretty hard to move that accurately but i'm sure you could oil it or something to make it smoother... it does have a dive bomb so yeah, you could do any of that kinda stuff

Yeah that's what I mean, the accuracy of doing. Well I guess it doesn't really have to be accurate just pretty slow. I feel like there's barely any room on the pedal, it's basically up, half way, or down.
I have a huge fear if rays.