Leading in and out and weaved between the lovers on the fence
“I won’t jump till you’re asleep” provokes my lover in suspense.
The girl is but a monster, please don’t trust her, please don’t trust her
And don’t sit and chat with reason, he is warm when he should be freezing
If you knew what I really did on Valentine’s Day, you’d be frozen, catatonic
Oh it’s so funny and ironic, it’s so funny and ironic.
I crawl from bed to bed like there is something wrong with everyone
I move from room to room; taste another and pray it’s not too soon

Moving on is easy when you run from A to B but please
Don’t think that I enjoyed watching you letting go of me
“If you’re always keen to leave then how can I ever believe?”
Oh please don’t say that I have changed, please don’t say that I have changed
Last night I searched the walls of a hundred empty rooms
Trying to find that picture that reminded me of you
I never thought I’d be proved wrong; I never thought I’d write this song
I can’t remember where it’s gone; I can’t remember where it’s gone

Can’t you see your friends below you there’s a prayer of hope composed in song
In a room with all the lights turned off and there’s room to sing along, so sing along
You decide to cut me out, inhale my lungs, rinse out your mouth
And now I come across like a guy who’s life’s been ****ed about
I always tried to stay happy
Even in the moments that you’d cut the rope and set me free
I always tried to point the finger somewhere else
But this time it points to me

Lying hard upon my chest, you climb the steps, you climb the steps
You pay such close attention to every heartbeat and every breath
I wish I took a picture, then I could’ve fixed her, I could’ve fixed her
The perfection of her face, I climb up steps I can’t retrace
And I recall sitting round rooms with boys and girls
Drunken talks of how we’d change the world
Holding such passion in our hearts and in our heads
In each part and every section of the method to our deaths

I close myself up like fingers in a fist
Your touch is like the warmest breeze of winter
The withered petals of last spring open again
I’m chasing reflections or are they chasing me?
Without these eyelids I can finally see
Would you still love me if I sank into the sand?
She said “of course my lover” as she let go of my hand
She let go of my hand.