okay right now i have a Hondo II strat copy. i love the way it sounds but its a sketchy guitar. i need someting more reliable cause im gonna be practicing alot and maybe gigging with a band

i compared my guitar to a squier affinity strat
the squier had a thicker neck, weaker pickups, and didnt sound as glassy as my guitar

so i need a reliable guitar. i have about 200 bucks and prefer to go used.

brands do not matter to me but i would rather not have a super-strat or metal looking guitar.
i just need something reliable and decent enough to gig with. i'm not really a fan of the way humbuckers sound clean...idk all the ones i've played sounded really cheap.
i've played a cheap jackson dinky and an ibanez GRX20...not a fan.

i play alternative and hard rock and i use a peavey classic 30
try an epi SG. thats all i got
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Used epiphone Les Paul studio, maybe. Just check the price bu I think it would go for about 200

EDIT: The Epiphone SG will be cheaper, but the Les Paul will be more versatile
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Epiphone SG, done me wonders that guitar!
or even a Squire Telecaster, awesome feel to the neck, well i thought so
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Epiphone SG, done me wonders that guitar!
or even a Squire Telecaster, awesome feel to the neck, well i thought so

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cool i especially like sg's and telecasters.
oh i only have 200. but i know a pawn shop that maybe i can get like 35% off the used price.
how are the squier tele's?
Check out any of the dean "X" series, they're pretty good for the 219 dollar price tag. I would go with the MLX, mainly cuz MLs are awesome.
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