Is there an amp with a more beautiful sounding shimmering clean channel than the twin reverb? I've searched with no success, I want something to work towards for my next amp, and i wanna end up with the best possible clean tone to run pedals throguh.
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It definitely can if you don't like Fender cleans. What Twin are you looking at? BF, SF, Tweed, etc.

Can you give an example of a clean tone you love?
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Vox cleans > Fender cleans, IMO.
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IMO, pretty much any clean beats the Twin clean. I'd rather have a Super or a Bassman or even a Princeton.
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Vox cleans > Fender cleans, IMO.

this. I'd take a good AC30 any day....




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Played one at a gig last week. Felt a little brittle to me... Not sure if I'm into 6l6's.

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Not all 6L6 amps sound as brittle as a Fender Twin.
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VOX AC30 are the best cleans IMO specially with the blue alnico speakers.. But fender tone is fender tone. Some ppl like it more. I like the supersonic but prefer the ac30
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I personally think that Marshall JTM45s sound better clean than Fender Twin Reverbs as do Fender tweed twins.

Just my $0.02
Axe-Fx has a better clean tone than JC120 IMO. The JC120 was missing warmth when I tried it.
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Axe-Fx has a better clean tone than JC120 IMO. The JC120 was missing warmth when I tried it.
It's a pretty sterile sounding amp imo, never saw the big deal about it personally...
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It's a pretty sterile sounding amp imo, never saw the big deal about it personally...

i likened it to a rockman on roids. i know it's not, but it kind of is to me.
I'm selling my AC30 to get a Deluxe Reverb. I simply don't like the Vox cleans.
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Yes and no. Yes, I can mention various amplifiers that can bury that Twin or even the whole Fender line. No, because tone is subjective to the user.

Now you may consider checking these out:

Rivera Line
Vox's AC30
Fender's Bassman
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Vox AC30. best cleans ever imo

the JC120 is too sterile for my taste. I can't stand SS amps.

also, the fender Vibroverb is nicer imo.

EDIT: wait you're getting the clean specifically for pedals right? keep in mind that a vox AC30 sounds like nothing else. It is probably the most unique tone among amplifiers, so if you want the pedal tone more than the amp tone, the AC30 may not be the best choice as it will ALWAYS sound like an AC30 no matter what.
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In this order (personally):
Fender Brownface Vibroverb
Vox AC30
Fender Blackface Deluxe

I find the lower wattage baclfaces have the best cleans because when you get the to just about breaking up, they sound fantastic for cleans. I used to like the JC120, but i played one again the other day. it's just a dead, sterile sounding amp.
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Blackstar Artisan 100. The clean tones are a revelation. But be warned: it is f@#king loud and has no master volume.