Seriously. I'm hating Guitar Center more than ever right now. Tomorrow night I'm headed to my friend's house to play guitar and party.

Saturday (Dec. 26th)
I walked into Guitar Center with my damaged cheap left-handed no-name guitar and five-hundred dollars. I dropped off my guitar for repair on the truss rod, output jack, and what the hell, I gave them some strings to restring it while they fixed it. They said it'd be ready by mid-next week. I walked over to the front desk and ordered a left-handed Brown Sunburst Standard Fender Stratocaster with a maple fretboard. They said I was all set and the guitar should arrive the next week. Sweet, I was getting my piece of crap guitar repaired and my first Strat.

Wednesday (Dec. 30th)today
...ring...ring...ring..."Hello, Guitar Center repairs, this is Chris."
"Hey Chris, last Saturday I dropped off my guitar for a repair, and I wanted to know if it was ready?"
"Sure, no problem."
I gave him my information...
"Your guitar's all set man."
"Thanks, I'll drop by later to pick it up."

I drove the twenty miles to Guitar Center to pick up my repaired guitar. I picked out a new strap and sent an employee to the back to retrieve my guitar. He brought it up and handed it to me. It was all restrung and the truss rod was fixed. He walked over to Accessories to ring up my strap. While I was waiting, I hooked up my guitar to a Fender Deluxe Reverb amp. I turned it on, made sure the volume was up and all knobs were on. I strummed a chord. No sound. I checked the cable. Not the cable. I jiggled the output jack and fuzz came out.


The guy came back.
"Hey man, my guitar's not playing."
"Oh really?"
"Uh, the repair guy left for the day, did you check everything?"
"Yeah everything checks out, there's no sound."
"What'd you bring it in for?"
"The truss rod, strings, and output jack."
"You can leave it here and the repair guy can check it out tomorrow he comes in around 4:00."
"*sigh* Thanks."

I was supposed to be picked up by my friend tomorrow at 3:00 who lives another twenty miles the OPPOSITE way from my house. Now I have no guitar to play at the party, I can't play my friend's because he's right-handed, and I have to wait until Saturday knowing these Guitar Center boneheads. And the guy said the Stratocaster I ordered wouldn't be in for up to four weeks! This SUCKS!
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did you check the amp volume?

Edit : oh shit sorry i skimmed, looks like you did.

next time take your guitar somewhere else.
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Hmm.I usually go pick my guitar before the guy leaves.He goes over everything to make sure I'm satisfied and then we chat about local bands. Moral of the story? Go to Samash.
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i hate guitar center, two guitars i bought from there have had pickups go bunk on me after less than a month and they said the pickups weren't under warranty because they aren't the same make as the guitar. pricks.

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This sucks, but IMO its misleading to advertise this as a knock on guitar center. This type of stuff can happen at any repair shop.
this is prejudice, just because you're left handed
It's always the last day of summer and I've been left out in the cold with no door to get back in
Guitar center is for selling guitars, go to a local shop for repairs...and to buy gear. You'll find the guys that truly love music and the instruments are at local shops.
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