Poll: Which hand to you remove from the controller/ keyboard?
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View poll results: Which hand to you remove from the controller/ keyboard?
Left (assuming it is your "move character" hand)
34 37%
Right (assuming it is your "shooting" hand)
58 63%
Voters: 92.
Alright, lets say you're playing your favorite shooter online, and you're on quite a streak. Your head starts to itch worse than ever before; you're gonna need to remove a hand from the controller/ keyboard to scratch it. Let's say you don't have strong enough willpower to not scratch your head.
Which hand do you remove; your moving hand, leaving you a sitting duck, or your shooting hand, your strongest offense?
Neither, because I don't play online shooting games.
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well, i can hold out for a few seconds, i simply run to cover, then scratch it with either hand.
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Right so I can still run, but honestly 3/4 of the time i die anyway


Have you ever left the controller down, went out side the room for like 5 minutes. Then when you come back you're not death yet but as soon as you pick up the controller you die?....I mean..wtf!!!
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i would rub my head on the back of my chair, or get someone nice in the room to scratch it for me...
id stop being a bitch and just scratch my head instead of being a paranoid pussy... no offence
right... you run and dodge then turn around and smash them
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Right. Then I'd just run. But really, I would just lift the controller over my head and itch it while playing.
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Is this really a question? Use your aiming hand, then you run to cover with your remaining hand, if you even need too. It shouldn't take more than a couple seconds to scratch your head, and the way I see it, you're much more likely to get shot while not moving at all for a couple seconds, then you are to get a kill without moving anyways.
Right, so that way I can at least avoid getting shot. What's the worst that can happen in 2 seconds? I lose?
i always move my left hand and just move the analog stick with my chin or my tongue.
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Neither, because I don't play online shooting games.

Thanks for that wonderful contribution to the thread.

And it depends on what the situation is, but I'll usually move my moving hand so I can still swing around and shoot things.
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umm ....im right handed so .....I'd use my right hand?
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Right, so I can at least run away.

^^ I agree with this!

You've got a better chance of survival trying to dodge attacks than stay in the same spot and just shoot.
Right. It'd be easier to run than risk being caught standing still for a half second, especially when playing a game against sniper's rifle elitists.
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id keep my hands on the controller and scratch my head with it so i can keep playing.
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My left, or I just use my arm.
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