It's called 'Loss" it's in my profile, Some of thae parts are really bad and will be re-done (drums) but this is a rough demo, so any advice or crits would be great.

Yeah, its fairly rough, not to sound like an ass, but nothing is in time, and your using too much gain on your guitars, its causing it to be muddy. The tone is very full, which is good, but just too much gain, in recording you dont need as much gain as you use live. The drums are....idk, horrible, you should try structuring them in Bars and patterns. Get a set tempo going.

Same thing with your guitars, get a tempo going and a pattern, and it will all fall in place, I feel that you threw this together really quick, which I do all the time so its all good. I feel that you can make some great progress with this if you work at it.

Crit mine? Its a demo as well.