I'm just getting back into playing guitar after a long hiatus. I'm working on getting a amp/cab simulator and audio interface setup since that's going to be a lot easier for me at the moment than trying to find another decent amp (sold my amp and cab long time ago, kept the guitars)

However, I still have a few things kicking around, and one is a Audio Technica Pro4L microphone. I never really had much issues using it before to mic my Marshall 1960a cab when I was messing around with recordings but I don't recall the quality I got out of it. I don't have a good enough amp to really test it out so I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this microphone and how it compares to other similar mics.

Worth keeping around or should I look into something else when I eventually get back into mic'ing an amp setup?

Here are the specs I was able to get:

# Element: Dynamic
# Polar Pattern: Cardioid
# Frequency Response: 60 - 14,000 Hz
# Open Circuit Sensitivity: -58 dB (1.2 mV) re 1V @ 1 Pa
# Impedance: 250 ohms
# Switch: On/off
# Weight:10.1 oz (287 g)
# Output Connector: XLRM-type
it's probably worth keeping and trying out "when (you) eventually get back into mic'ing an amp". i'd wait till then to decide. that way you'll know what exactly you don't like about it which will help future mic buying decisions. plus, if you ever sing in a gig, you'll always have a mic handy.
Yea, I figured I would keep it handy, no reason to get rid of it at this point. I was curious if anyone had any experience with this one. I've only found a couple forum reviews online which basically say they are fine for live work but probably not good enough for any studio stuff.