Hi, I'm getting my second guitar soon and I'm deciding to look into used gear. (more bang for my buck i guess)
1) Is there anything really important i should be looking for when im buying guitars used?

A guitar I'm going to be looking at is a Jackson DKMG, was bought in 2007.
I don't have much experience with a Floyd rose, other then fiddling with it from my local stores and my friends guitar (He sucks and thinks its a pain hehe, its an RG)

2A) Im hearing really bad things about Liscenced floyd roses and how they wear out and since its used, say for 2 years of modest wear and tear, would I have to buy a new bridge (Im looking around and its about 250$ for OFR, Making my total about 750$ (GUITAR IS 500))?

2B)If so would it just be easier for me to go for a guitar that is A) New or B) has a fender/wilkinson, non locking tremolo --> looking into Sa260fm, I tried it and really like the feel of it
1. Make sure there are no major damages to the body and neck and headstock to the guitar.

2a) Here's the thing there are both good licenced floyd roses and bad licenced floyd roses. The Jackson LFR's generally get a good rep and are reliable bridge supposedly but it basically comes down to how you treat it. LFR's don't really have an expiration date per se so it's a case by case basis.

2b) Do whatever you like it's up to you mate.
While buying a use guitar can be a good thing, the one element missing is warranty. If you buy new from a reputable dealer, you should get a warranty on materials and workmanship for at least a year and sometimes even for life. Something to consider.
Moving on.....
To test a used FR you will need to take along a tuner and try a really deep divebomb after tuning and playing for a minute or two. Then test tuning again and if its okay it should stay that way. I'd check it a few times. Of course, if its not perfect, walk away.
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