Title says a lot but allow me to elaborate.

First off, I am going to be running a Fender J Mascis Jazzmaster through a Kustom 36 Coupe.

In regards to what I play and what I am looking for, I play a decent bit of tasteful shredding intertwined with My Bloody Valentine-esque shoegaze. I would like something that sounds especially nice for lead playing. I have a slew of fuzz pedals for my experimental stuff. However, I am in dire need of a decent overdrive for the lead outings that I do.
You can get a Keeley TS9 for under $180. It'll thicken the mids for leads but the Keeley mod will eliminate the bass loss and make it a touch more transparent.
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if you are going to go for a TS i wouldn't suggest a keeley mod. It's twice the price of a stock one and IMO there is nothing wrong with the stock sound. if you want a higher quality TS then just go with the 808.
I'd be looking at the Crowther Hotcake, Carl Martin Crunch Drive, Fulltone OCD (or Dano Cool Cat Drive, same thing but cheaper), Skreddy Screwdriver and anything else that happens to take your fancy.