Went to a new Dr. for regular checkups and he's the type to worry about everything from what I can tell so far.
He ordered a biopsy on a small mole on my back suspecting it MAY be melanoma. I think this is crazy because the fact is I hardly ever am awake during the day...(I work nights).

Anyways I've been sleeping all day and woke up to a sore back

biopsys are a bitch
anyone else ever get one done?

I have to go back next week to get one or two stitches removed...how fun that should be...

yea I highly doubt it's anything to worry about and the results should come back clean. This Dr is just playing his cards safe like any other.
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I got a mole cut off my back, it got stitches.

Moral of the story?
Moles can be dangerous so it is wise to get them checked, and removed if necessary.

Btw don't get cancer
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Your doctor sounds like a good man who wants to make sure you're okay. Pretty ungrateful to be complaining about that, be thankful he is just incase he's found cancer.

There's worrying and then there's worrying too much.

I'm sure the guy is thankful, it just seems odd to biopsy a mole if the doctor thinks it might be cancerous due to sunlight exposure if TS hardly gets sunlight.