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Don't you hate it when you're talking to someone and every minute they put a "lol" with the message? To be honest, it gets me extremely pissed off because it seems like they're seeing conversation as a joke or something or laughing at you in a way.

For example, my friend sent me a text message asking if I wanted to chill and I told him I was sick. He then replies with "lol ok."

EDIT: I know there is going to be a "lol" rampage in a second and inb4 lol.
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I don't mind it.


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it only pisses me off when they only say lol and nothing else.
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Make a Facebook group about it.

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lol who cares? It's what a lot of people do.

Don't you hate it when people make stupid threads about stupid topics, that belong in there blogs?
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I only use 'LOL' when I actually laugh out loud.

It only annoys me when someone sends a text with nothing but 'lol'.
LOL is what you say when you have nothing better to say. I had a friend like that. "Lol ok." "Lol haha" "lol" "lololol"

He also acted like a middle schooler, so maybe it was just his low IQ. But, I have seen lots of other people say lol way too much.
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lol, its not that bad. Its better than someone only saying lol and you would have to try and decode what they are saying. lol.
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doesn't bother me.

if someone sends me a text that just says "lol" that's my cue to stop texting, since they don't have anything better say. i do the same thing.
It pisses me off. Especially at the times when it's not even a joke or anything funny.

Guy 1: My parents just died.
Guy 2: lol im sorry
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the worst is 'lol...'


It basically is like saying '.. yeah , erm okay **** off...'

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lol idc lol

As long as the person is using "lol" to convey that it's not a serious comment or something similar it's fine. straight lol messages in texts annoy me...but not much.
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Oh lawds!
I don't mind it though, as long as the whole message isn't just one big Lol, or k.
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lol ur so touchy lol lol stop being so immature lol just grow up lol
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hahah, it is annoying. I do it heaps, but its just habit. Abbreviations are bitches.
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dotn care lol
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It pisses me off. Especially at the times when it's not even a joke or anything funny.

Guy 1: My parents just died.
Guy 2: lol im sorry

No it's not...I wish someone would text me and then type 'lol' after....

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lol is the new period lol
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it only pisses me off when they only say lol and nothing else.

thank you TS...yes it does piss me off..more so though is the bonerkill messages..such as "haha", "lol", and "K"
the person that does this to me..always texts me first to start a conversation. If you weren't going to put effort into a conversation, then why the **** did you start it?
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I say lol a lot... I don't know. I'm not usually laughing out loud and I write way more content than just the "lol" so I don't find it to be an issue.
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I'm guilty of that. I'm one of those people who constantly writes "lol" but I'm not even smiling.
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