I just got my guitar about a week ago and have learned all the normal chords minus f and easy minor chords e d a exct. my buddy who is teaching me told me to learn the chords then find an easy song to strum. well he left town for 2 weeks and here I am knowing the chords decent enough but can't put a song together.

anyways how do I make the leap from knowing the chords to playing a song. I know and expect the song to sound horrible, but when I play the chords the tabs call for and strum the way I think I should it's just noise.

I figure this has to be a problem for most beginning guitarist so how did yall jump from knowing the chords of a song to actually playing it

It'd be helpful if you could post a video so we can see what you're doing wrong.
Well my teacher had me just keep my right hand moving up and down (not playing any chords) until I could figure out the rhythm. I know that this didn't help much, but it's how I did it.
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Well if you actually trying to play a song someone wrote...

I dunno, I just PLAY it. I dont think about timing and when I should do this or that. I listen to the riff, memorize it, and play it once I learn the notes.

As for writing a song. If it just sounds like noise after you figure out the chord progression, try something different. Or maybe strum it in a unique pattern?

Video would help.
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wow this site is awesome thanks for the quick replies. I guess it would help if I have an example. I googled easiest guitar songs ( I know lame Right) anyway the first one I could recognize was jimmy buffet margaritaville Now I'm not really fond of jimmy or his music ,but living in texas I hear it enough to know what it should sound like.

anyway looked up the chords and found out I knew all of them took a look at the strumming patter and had at it. well what I get is a bunch of distorted garbage that sounds like someone turned on the disposal with silverware stuck inside.

so I know the chords are right and I know when to play them but something is just miss firing. I know some of the experts hear have to remember when they started out what took them from knowing what to play to actually playing it.

maybe I'm just not ready yet I've only had the guitar for a week but I really don't know where to go from here. And if anyone has a more rock song that is easy to play please let me know I would love to play some seether or killswitch but they seem way to hard
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-Make sure your guitar is in perfect tune, that's #1.

-Your fingers should curve around the front of the fretboard; they shouldn't be flat. You need to make sure that your fingers aren't muting the strings.

-Make sure your fingers are between the frets on the wood, not touching the metal.

-Make sure you're pushing hard enough.

-Make sure you're not strumming too hard. Strumming should be a fairly light motion.