So it's 1:20 am here but for some reason I'm not tired at all and i've got to be up early for tomorrow. How do I make myself tired enough to sleep?
If you have an iPod, get the app that has the sound of the ocean; it helps for me.
Run thirty miles.

If you can't do that, just run about 5000 laps around your room.
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Drink booze

fap while drinking booze

fap while drinking booze with roofies in it

lie down turn of all light close eyes stop thinking and relax one part of your body at the time

if that doesnt work just jerk it until you wake up sticky
Don't think about anything in particular; let your mind wander from one thought to the next without trying to make any logical connections.

I hope that helps. I used to have trouble sleeping pretty regularly, but it's gotten a lot better recently. Best of luck to you.
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Lol, once we went to a jethro tull concert and they played aqualung and my brother went to sleep........ ok, maybe thats a unique case. one thing you SHOULDNT do is count sheep, because you just get pissed, and often, the sheep refuse to walk. Just close your eyes, think of something soothing, and dont stop, even if you get bored
There was a thread in the last couple days where somebody recomended 'reverse blinking'. Basically, lay down in bed, and focus on breathing deeply. When you exhale, quickly open your eyes and shut them again, like blinking but in reverse (hence the name). Continue rhythmically. I know it sounds wierd, but when i tried it, i found that it really helped with slowing down your thoughts so you can sleep.
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I lie perfectly still on my back 30 minutes with a clear mind. Then I roll over and fall asleep. It works really well for me.

If that fails, I just listen to some metal because metal makes me sleepy.