I really like the song It's Not Far. The acoustic guitar sounds really nice and the vocals mix well. The slide is perfect for the song. I also really like your lyrics. This is music I would listen to. The vocal quality is kinda slacking a bit but that's the only complaint.
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Hey thanks! I wasn't sure where to put any sort of crit for ya, so I just left ya a little comment on your UG profile.
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the Vocals are Really clear man.. this is music i could Listen Lay down and relax a good Summer Breese... i like the different sounds coming togather -It's not far.

really smooth sound throught all the song and catchy vocals we should do a collaboration sometime..-Where have you been

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Where have you been - Instantly welcoming smooth rhythm guitar sound. The double track really carressed my ears haha. Same with the vocals, a soft touch is exactly what the song needed. Very easy to listen to.

It's Not Far - Love the interesting tone colours. The slide adds such a great atmosphere, and the harmonica just tops of the mix in my opinion. Loved the combination. Again, the vocals are simply a perfect fit with wonderful quality.

I love your stuff. It's brilliant; something I'd spend my own time listening to, and I think you really should keep it up. Thanks for the crit as well!
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it's not far: i like the harmonica. i think you should have saved it for later. i like the slide lead. vocals are very soothing. very catchy folk sound. i love it. the recording and the mix could be a lot better, but the writing is amazing. good job man!

where have you been: acoustic sounds really amazing in this song. vocals could use more treble. also maybe try capoing up a step or two? this seems a bit low for your voice. i like the song, i just wish you were a few steps up. i think that would really make it.

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