What are some film that have to be watched under certain circumstances?

Those films that are better if you watch it during certain times of the day, certain mood, month, etc. The most obvious example is horror films at night, but that's just too easy.

I didn't like Lost in Translation the first time I saw it. It got better the second time I saw it. It's one of those films that has to be watched very late at night when you're very tired, alone in the dark, and after a long day of partying.
Pineapple Express you need to be high or it'll bore you. Prolly the case w/ all Seth Rogen
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When you want two and a half hours of Russian dialogue from twelve angry men in a single room.
Action/thriller-junkies beware: this film will test your patience.
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I've seen Pulp Fiction countless times. I enjoyed it most every time I saw it in the middle of the afternoon.
My friend and I were in my dimly lit room at around 11 one Friday night. We took some Vicodin and watched The Doors movie. I felt PERFECT.

But then again I'm also a huge Doors fan
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Comedies always seem better when its late at night.

And horror movies.. and thriller movies, and drama sometimes too.

EDIT: Oh and family movies are great when you're with your family.

The Prestige - Must only be watched halfway through, you must find it terrible, and you must watch it with friends.

Circle-jerking to terrible porn afterwords is optional.
Transformers 2 should be watched under no circumstances.

did I say that right?
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I've seen Pulp Fiction countless times. I enjoyed it most every time I saw it in the middle of the afternoon.

I always found pulp fiction to be great after an all-nighter just as the sun is coming up. Basically matching the same time frame of the movie.
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I'm in quite a mood for 2 1/2 hours of Russian dialogue I can't understand .

You're just in luck. It has English and French subtitles.
Danton should be watched when you're in the mood for an interesting view on a famous historical personality and some epic acting. Oh, and lots of fiery French dialogues.
The Sassafrass bit on Pick of Destiny.
Stand up and cheer if you like SimCity

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Star Wh0res 3: Return of the Bed guy

when you're horny.

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"I'm not there" needs to be watched at least stoned, was so out there and confusing whilst sober.
Any Will ferrell movie. If Im not drunk or with friends his movies annoy the hell out of me.
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Almost Famous is better if you watch it high with a large group of people at night.