Some of you may have heard this song on the show Numb3rs back in March or so, but it sounds pretty simple, I think only 4 chords, possibly 5 if my hearing is a bit off. Good song, pretty, and I would love the tabs for it, since I can't seem to find them anywhere as of yet.

Here's the youtube link:


Thanks a bunch in advance guys.
Bump because I got a reply from Mr. Stai himself on the chords.

He's given me the following:

"i tune to standard D
( wich means all strings are down a whole step )
then i capo the 6th fret for this song
( so if ur in regular tuning , just capo 4th fret )

the verse is just Am - C - F - C
the chorus is C- B/G ( do the root on the A string decending half step from prior C chord ) Am - B/G

F -C for the chorus ( but also dp the root on the descending half step from the F fretted on the G string )
and then G
( i dont think so .... etc .... ) "

He also goes on to say that the picking pattern is TRAVIS picking, but I can't seem to find a good example on the right way to work it into this song. Could anyone do a quick tab? It shouldn't take too long given the info above.