Not a political thread; a film one.

One of my favorite comedies is Death at a Funeral.

It is funny as hell and I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it. Unfortunately, it did not get a wide release here in America. Instead, it got remade into what looks like a bad parody of the original.
"blackafied" version

I hate how great and recent foreign films get remade by Americans instead of giving them a wide release. I wouldn't have a problem with them if the remakes were at least decent.
Not to be offensive, but they both look kinda lame. I'm sure they'll be funny, but in a stupid kind of way.
the arsonist had oddly shaped feet...
^^Watch the original. I also thought it would suck, but my dad proved me wrong.
Quote by sticksause
^^Watch the original. I also thought it would suck, but my dad proved me wrong.

Wait...a midget...I'm gonna have to see it now
the arsonist had oddly shaped feet...
My sister said Death at a Funeral was the best comedy she's ever seen. I'll take both your words for it.
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Lol at Alan Tudyk with a british accent

Also, how come nobody is enraged about this obvious WHITEFACE?!
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Alot of films don't do well on the world stage because Americans don't like them/they just don't get much publicity over there.
haha, they have the same midget in the black version as they did in the original
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It's a good movie, yes, but if it's the best comedy you've ever seen, you haven't seen very many comedies.
TThe original was so ****ing good. No need at all to remake it. Especially not if it's American. Not saying they're terriblt at comedy or anything, there's heaps of good stuff. But even something like re-casting this would destroy it. You can't completely remake it.

Oh Jeeze I just watched the trailer.

Everything is basically the same, but somehow it fucking sucks now.
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