I'm looking to start recording as a fun hobby. I want to start off with something decent and play around with recording before I actually start investing more money as a serious thing. It's going to be mostly acoustic guitar and vocals.

I heard this package one of the best for someone on a budget: Link
Noob question: Does that package come with the wires or do we have to buy them separately?

Thanks in advance for help.
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Thats not really a recording package, it's simply a good set of mics with a fair preamp.

You need two mics and an audio interface....as well as cables/stands and a computer.

I suggest the following package by Tascam:

You get the two MXL mics and the Tascam USB audio interface to link to the computer.
You will want to get some good headphones and a few stands. You'll be able to run your guitar directly to the instrument input on the interface however if you want, you can run any FX pedals between the guitar and interface.
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yeah i'd recommend that Tascam package long before i'd recommend that one you posted first. how much are you willing to spend? remember the whole "you get what you pay for" thing. it's pretty true in this situation.
Well, I have a pretty epic computer. xD I just need to find out sound card somewhere since we just moved.
Wow, that seems like a great package.

I'm willing to spend about $100-$400 since I just recently got a job. :3
The Tascam interface becomes your new sound card so dont worry about buying one.

If you have firewire ports, I would suggest looking for a PreSonus FireBox interface. The Tascam USB unit is good but Firewire provides a few better features and has better preamps on board to help your sound quality. I don't know of any low priced or good packages with this interface though so you may want to buy each item on it's own.

Headphones or Monitors
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