Here is the story.

I told this girl that I found attractive that I liked her. She doesn't like me back and that's fine with me but then she starts airing personal stuff to our friends and tries to make me out to be a sexual deviant. So, I want your opinion on the messages I sent to her on MSN. I want to know if I was being to harsh or anything. Just give me your opinion.

The physical part: There was one situation with her where I was holding her between my legs just playing around and she told me that she could feel my penis on her back. I did not have a intention on actually doing this because it was an accident. (I know I'm going to get rigged on for this)

(9:45 PM) [ME]: Rebecca we need to talk.
(9:46 PM) [HER]: hold up.....
(9:46 PM) [HER]: wed 20
(9:46 PM) [ME]: What?
(9:46 PM) [HER]: okay, library book renewed....again.
for the third time.
(9:46 PM) [ME]: What the-?
(9:47 PM) [ME]: seriously, I need to set something straight to you because I think you have the wrong idea.
(9:47 PM) [HER]:
okay, set it.
(9:47 PM) [ME]: It is about when I told you that I liked you.
(9:48 PM) [HER]: oookay..
(9:49 PM) [ME]: It not a secret that I find you attractive and all but you aren't the "eye of my affection". I see you more of a friend and only asked you out because I wanted to see if you liked me.
(9:50 PM) [ME]: I'm sorry if it seems that I'm obbessed with you and everything but I'm not. I thought that we could have a friend to friend relationship but you took it kinda out of context.
(9:51 PM) [HER]: okay?
(9:52 PM)[HER]: how?
(9:52 PM) [ME]: I just thought you were kinda pretty and all is it. I didn't want it to be ackward but now it is because you taking it out of context. I would play around physically anymore because you think that it is overlly excessive
(9:53 PM) [ME]: I just want you to understand that I really just see you as a friend.
(9:54 PM) [HER]: dude, like i already knew that
(9:57 PM) [ME]: From what I'm hearing a friend and you are over exaggerating innocent playing around.
(9:59 PM) [HER]: okay, for the record, yes, i did know it was JUST playing around.
and i have nothing against it.
but where are you hearing this from
(10:03 PM) [ME]: That's not important. I just just want it to be known that I'm not going to get involved in any physical or compromising behaviour with you anymore. I just want to be mutual friends. I just like to add in no way am I saying I don't want to be friend with you.
(10:04 PM) [HER]: okay..
(10:05 PM) [ME]: Well, I said my piece. I'm pretty much done explaing myself and my feelings towards you.
(10:06 PM) [HER]: aright..
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She sounds like a total knob. No offense.

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stop being so overly aggressive. It sounds like your trying to rape her with words..

but in all seriousness it just seems like she's a knob, like the first guy said.
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She's renewing library books? Fucks sake, other people want to read them too. She's a cockgibbon.
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Neopowell, that's because you are a pumped-up sex offender.
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You're exactly the kind of person who'd have sex in a bar drunk
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You're a terrible, terrible man. This is a new middle for you.

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Nah, you werent being harsh, you couldnt have said it any better. She does seems like a "knob" though whatever that may mean lol
shit, i just remembered that i lost the book i rented. damn i don't wanna pay to replace it
Yeah, she sounds like a knob.
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stop being so overly aggressive. It sounds like your trying to rape her with words..

but in all seriousness it just seems like she's a knob, like the first girl said.

fixed, ololololololololol.
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