Sorry I didn't know whether to post this in the tech or gear section but it seems more like a tech question.

Is it possible to run standard tuning with 13s?
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you can.
I'd buy a set or two though with it, just to play it safe and make sure you don't end up busting any string and then not have a fully functioning guitar.

Believe it or not,
I had a friend who had .17s in standard!
it would, but i'm not sure how the strings would fit in the nut, and i think there'd be mad tension. i think you might have to file the grooves in the nut to compensate, but i could be wrong
Yeah, I've done it, and quite a few others have, mainly blues and jazz players. Just make sure the guitar is set up for it.
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thanks. I'm on 12s right now so i shouldn't have to file too much. Where did your buddy find 17s? I'd love a pair of 14s but I can't even find any.
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I don't know,
I'm pretty sure he bought them individually.

It was one of his crazy, "I build speed with my 17's" method.
ahh lol. I'm not doing it to like skill up or anything. I played piano for a good number of years and i'm a lefty playing right hand guitar...so my fretting hand is like freakishly strong when i'm playing guitar. I always feel like I'm gonna tear the strings apart when I play 9's and 10's
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His method does not work though.
At least not as well as mine hahahaha.
I'm twice as fast as him without sounding influid.
If you're interested in speed,
I could give you a few tips, but really don't try going up high gauges and then moving down lower ones, it just does not work.
I'm definitely interested in speed. Right now I'm working on hammers pull-offs and bends. I can basically bend a whole step with my pink on all the strings excluding like the first couple of frets, so I thought i'd move up a gauge.
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