I saw it at guitar center, its used, for a bit less than a month and then returned.

i really liked the sound and the feel, didn't seem to have any noticeable flaws with its functionality.

the only issue is that the bass is that its somewhat "beat up"... as in, for less than a months worth of use, the bass itself has a lot of scratches and the finish has slightly come off...

its a 530 dollar bass being sold for 330... but the previous owner obviously treated it like crap...

considering it a first bass, would you buy it? its all cosmetic damage, which could probably be repainted...
Buy it, if ypu're sure all the bits that make it work are fine.

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Sounds like a bargain tbh, and rescueing a mistreated guitar is the right thing to do, a Guitar isn't just for christmas, its for life.

Like you said, some repainting anda bit of care, it'll be Dandy
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If I saw one at that price I'd have it without a second thought. So long as the damage is purely cosmetic.
Go for it !!!!!!!!!!!! I just got an SR400PB (pics in my profile) great sounding bass.