I'd like to tell a tale of my adventure to denmark street, famed for its guitar shops.

In each sop, they had loads of guitars, which I expected, ranging from prices like a simple Fender strat for about £400 to Gibsons and PRS's ranging from about £2000+.
However, when it came to basses, all of these shops lacked.. Each shop had about 5 basses max, and they wereeither way out of my price range, or something I wasn't interested in at all. The shop "Rockers" was good, seeing as I'm into Hard Rock and all that, but the only bass I could see was a peavey milestone package. When it came to the Bass Centre, they had some nice basses in there, but all out of my price range. The only thing I was interested in was a Squier VM Jazz, except it was a lefty, and they didn't have rightys. Also, the staff were rude and general asses. Even if I did see the Squier in the righty, I wouldn't give them my money, they're definately idiots, and even though I don't know too much, the prices in that general area are sky high.

Basically what I'm trying to say, is that I wouldn't reccomend it, unless you know exactly what you're looking for.

Yh, I went to Denmark street in August. I found some of the shop assistant rude aswell.
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There's a denmark street in England? lol
It's in London, full of very snobby guitar shops. It's nice to have a peek in the windows there though.
Out of all the shops, only one of them on the end corner were midly helpful - by helpful I mean they asked me what I was looking for, then pointed me in the right direction for any more bass shops, seeing as they had 1 bass in the window. If I had the money and was looking for a guitar instead of a bass, I probably would have had more luck.

EDIT: I tried to look for the Bass Centre, down a Brune Street, but I had no idea where that was

As for me actually getting a bass, I'm just going to do the same thing as I did with guitar, just get it online. So much cheaper as well.
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The Bass Cellar has an awful rep, there's a huge thread over on basschat about how terrible they are. I've been in a few times and while i've never been badly treated i have never felt comfortable or welcome in there... still, Denmark Street is a very iconic place, even though there are much better (and cheaper) places if you actually want to buy stuff instead of just browse. The vintage shop on the end is practically a museum.
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When i went to the bass cellar i was very impressed. They let me play all the warwicks and i had a good chat with one of them about bass playing and gear. Also he quoted me a good price of 900 euro on a 5 string active swamp ash body standard that i played. Which is around 200 cheaper then thomann. Right time i guess. Didnt get along with the staff in other shops though.
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