Hey guys i been playing bout a year and have gotton into the whole meatal/heavy rock theme, but my problem is that alot of the ones i like are to hard to play.
So im looking for suggestioons from anyboyd, im mostly into a7x and there sort of style but any suggestioons would be awesome
If you're into modern metalcore, you're gonna love the guitar in old death metal.
Try some stuff by Death( really anything will do, but I love the earliest albums, see if you can find some!).
One thing you'll also like if you're into downtuning and that kinda metalcorish ( or so you would think, it's kinda what defined melodeath but whatever) is melodeath from Gothenburg in the early '90s. So like, At the Gates and the older In Flames.

Hope you like any of that!

Well, sorry it's not really simple stuff, but it's great practise.
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