Didn't sell on eBay and my debt collectors are at me with flaming torches and pitchforks. Nearly new condition, hardly used. £300 if you pick it up, £310 for me to get it on the train to Kings Cross.

No trades, please.
Is it the new one with new badge and jensen speakers?
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Gahh how low would ya go?
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I picked up my guitar this morning and started playing next thing i know i cant stop playing In the key of A, the first letter or her name, I ended up recording a whole song in A.

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I like women with balls.

Damn My Skint-ness!!!!!
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Imagine the part of the ballsack where occasionally old poo sticks to the pubes and hardens, and you then have to pull out, but as an amp. That's an MG.

Greatest quote of all time?

I think so...