Jackson DKMG in a discontinued metallic blue. I just got this, and don't really want to sell, but I have to to pay off the costs of my new car and all the stuff I want in it.
Lovely neck, very fast as most Jackson necks are. Passive EMG's, licensed Floyd Rose wit locking nuts which are a tad worn but still function. Very few small dings on the players side of the side of the guitar (the left side when looking face on), took the backplate of and lost it, so that isn't included and neither is the trem arm, due to my idiocy. They can however be picked up for a small price. Will throw in a padded gigbag and strap as well.
Looking for £400 ono posted.





Ibanez ARX 140 in arctic white, with added black racing stripes. In almost new condition, one very small paint chip next to the jack socket, and apart from that, no marks whatsoever. Set neck, doublecut with good access. Two racing stripes marked on, only with electricians tape, can easily be taken off but I though it added to the effect. Very playable neck, bit wider than the Jackson but better for string bending imo.
Looking for £180 ono posted.




Gould Superstrat in black with binding. Lovely guitar, just desperately need the cash to be quite honest. Lovely thin neck, and sustains into next week. Cosmetically perfect, apart from one small dent that doesn't break the paintwork on the underside near the strap pin. It is probably the best guitar you'll get for this money, which is £140 ono posted.





Samick Superstrat project guitar.
Got this a few months ago, and haven't got the time or skills to complete it.
Has a few dents located all over the body, mainly a pair of dents located just under the 12th fret on the maple side of the neck (underside - the previous owner must have put it into a wall hanger too hard), and there are a couple of smaller ones located just above them, but they are not as bad.
All licensed Floyd rose that cost me £65 including tremolo and springs, and pickups are included, however they aren't wired up, but all of the components are included.
Need to sell this quick, so £100 posted.





Pack of Martin bronze acoustic guitar strings - 13s - £4 posted.

2.1 Advent PC/Laptop flat panel speakers.
Good quality just never use them. Same as these http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/sto...ory_oid=-37906
£15 posted - wont be in original box as it is massive, but will come with instructions and securely packed.

Skullcandy Lowrider headphones.
Damn good quality, just prefer the in ear ones for music listenings.
£20 posted.
hmmm.......how much would shipping to the us cost? (for the samick superstrat)
and is the neck thin or thick?
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Shipping to the US would probably be about £30/£40 ($75?)

And the neck isn't particularly thin, but not very wide, about the same width as my MIM Tele
i MAY have a friend interested in the Ibanez...

is £180 the lowest you can go on it??
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all nice guitars... can you tell me in US DOLLARS how much the jackson would be, shipped to new york?
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Quote by cleft11
Right, conus would be $725 dollars, but say $700 shipped?

shit the us dollar is worth shit these days.
beautiful guitar though, i've never seen that color. i'll get bak 2 u
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PRS Tremonti II
PRS Hollowbody II w/ Piezo Blue Matteo
PRS 513 25th anniversary
PRS Tremonti SE
Fender John Mayer Relic strat "the black one"

did i mention i like PRS?

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Should mention that I will accept trades, so offer up if you don't have much cash!
Hi im interested in the Samick Superstrat project guitar if you still have it available if so please let me know.