Hi everybody,
This is my first upload here. Excuse the original title.

Main Influences on the song were Black Sabbath, QOTSA and a bottle of Bushmills.

Being a bass player, I've left room for a guitar solo and the drums need work, being as they are, the same drum beat throughout verse and bridge.

I wonder how the song would sound with lyrics and a guitar solo...

It had the structure, but it lacked change throughout the song. You always came back to the riff you used in the intro, and you used the same rhythm in the verse. Have you thought about changing the guitar or bass during the third and fourth repeats of the chorus? If you played bigger chords there, to make the sound more full, it would really bring it up a notch. Having that change really makes the song more dynamic.

It sounded kinda like heavy slow trudging. Like when you are walking in the mud and your feet get stuck with every step. But working on the drums, like you said, will change that.

All in all, it's good and has potential. You just need to expand on what you've got now.

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Thanks for the comments. What I've got here is the basis of the song. I'll definately take your comments in to consideration though

I was thinking of adding either a faster or a jam style section before the solo.