Hey !
Please tell me about them , which one are better ?
Which ones should i get , if i am rock and hard rock guitarist ?
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fixed , sorry , i didnt know .

Just because you changed the wording and "vs." to "or" doesn't change anything - this still follows the basic template of a "Vs." thread.

For a thread like this to work you need to tell us what type of tone you're trying to achieve, which is often done by naming band's as references. We also need to know why you're unhappy with your current pickups - often times a pickup swap is not the solution to a tone problem.

Second, we need to know a budget. You may be fixed on the pickups that you listed (which I have a strong feeling that you're not since you don't even know anything about them) but in most cases there are pickups that are much better suited for the TS than the ones that he/she have listed.

Lastly we need to know what gear you have. What guitar is it? What woods are the guitar made of? What amp do you have? Are you running any effect pedals? These are all factors that affect your tone and determine if a certain pickup is right for you or not.
Well, those pickups you're asking about are almost like the complete opposite ends of the spectrum. EMG's are quite high output active pickups, while those Duncans are pretty low output passives.
Both are good pickups, but we'd need to know more about your gear and your budget. But as a generic answer, neither of those pickups would suit you well just for rock, usually the first being too much and the second falling too short.
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I'll give you a chance to update your post with the info that has been asked for before closing this.
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