hey there everyone!
i just recorded a couple of new songs and put them on my website
the recordings are far from professional, but they're not god awful, i dont think...

have a look if you'd like, i'd really appreciate some constructive criticism.

websites being gay, check the myspace if you would:
pete's music myspace

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This whole promote your band isn't quite working, all I see are empty threads begin for responses...

Anyway, first song has some kind of glitches or something that are pretty annoying, it also sounds kind of like a snip of the actual song. I listened to all three now and they are all snips, ok.

Third songs sounds really cliche.

Guitars sound good and all three songs, and vocals suit the tracks.
Drums are really simple, it sounds like you did them with Reason or something, I think it would sound better if you could record proper drums, it would suit the songs better.

Not my cup of tea so take what you can, I really liked the names of the songs though.
thanks for the response!
the drums were done by a yamaha keyboard, so yeah...
i know about all the glitches, its my mic, it sucks, but these are just demos, so i wioll eventually get some new stuff recorded properly
so, i rerecorded two of my songs because i decided that the fake drums and guitar solos really didnt express these songs for what they are, so i recorded them the way I like i play them live, just me and my guitar. i like them much better this way, and i hope you do too.

also, my websites being gay so i put them on myspace

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