This is a Death Metal song with sacrilegious themes, if you are going to be offended, then don't read this!

veracity misplaced and defy axiom
reprisal seems proper
elaborate credibility will collapse
hence a wrathful requital
combusting within is a grotesque torment
transgressing from our fathers doctrine
an alteration of adverse annihilation
perilous risky and ruinous
to misinform those who might be saved
their conviction is easily twisted
they scorn all who differ in principle
the hostile enervate the mighty indolent
their malice has broken surface tension
malignity, aversion, odium
words to describe contempt
unbecoming accuracy
Hast thou forgotten thy precept?
our precept?
self destructive martyrdom
as christ before thee
and both have fallen in vain
for it matters not
as both are nothing more than false hope
Never to hope for the statuesque
And to witness the murder of a God
alot of big words there
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______________________________ ______________________________
Too many big words, It's like you went through the dictionary. But I am impressed with how you fit them into the rhythmn.
I totally agree with SonOfSanguinus abt the Christian beliefs tho. It clashes.

Now Now children, no flaming.

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one day
these yu-gi-oh cards will pay off my mortgage
well i was in my college writing class when i started this, and i got to learn a lot of words the average person probably wouldn't know... and for the record, I am not anti-christian in anyway. I just figured i am in a death metal band, so I might as well write lyrics accordingly
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