Are there any sound-a-likes of this amp? perhaps a little less expensive?

edit: another question about a different amp; the orange tiny terror combo, what kind of tones do you get with the gain on full? is it a vintage sound or could it do a paramore style tone, more modern? i was asking about the mesa because that is what paramore use, but orange amps seem to be a favourite too.
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Not really, no. The power section, if nothing else, is unique in the amp world.
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i've seen them for 800 used. There's a tremoverb on the boston clist for 900. what's your budget.
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yea just wait around and find one on craigslist is what i did...got the cab and head for 1200
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i've seen them for 800 used. There's a tremoverb on the boston clist for 900. what's your budget.

about £400
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about £400

u ain't getting a Mesa used let alone new for that, save up a bit more. Mesas are very unique in their sound, to get it you have to get one of them i'm afraid
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you could try a mesa V-Twin pre-amp pedal
they are apparently based off of the dual rec.
you'd have to go used on this item though as they are discontinued
there are also a few boutique pedal makers that do Rectifier-style gain:
Dr. Boogey
Triple Wreck
(just go to youtube and do a search for these 2 pedal demos)

rocktron rectified distortion pedal