Ok, fairly new to playing bass. Been borrowing a friends OLP(never heard of it) and Peavey shoebox amp. Finally am buying one of my own. I have looked through the forums here and found some useful advice, but figured I'd ask anyways. What I have tentatively decided on is a Peavey Millennium BXP 5 string and a Fender Rumble 60 Bass Combo amp. I can get them for $269.99 each, so a total of around $570. I want an amp that is bigger than a shoebox, with more push, I play mostly metal and hard rock. Do you guys have any better suggestions for either the guitar(need a 5 string) and amp for around the same price? If you do, please tell me why you think yours is a better option. Thanks Community!!!
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He's right. I tried out the Rumble...it sucks. Like somone already told me "It has the most ...meh sound you'll ever hear"

The bass is great, my cousin has it and it's awesome

As for an amp suggestion, I'd go with c3powil's advice
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^That person was me. The Rumbles sound like amps that are so tired of working. They are the Eeyore the Donkey of bass amps.

My advice is to avoid low end GKs and Ampegs, and Behringer entirely. Set yourself a budget and then go and try out everything else in that range. Once you get beyond the problem children listed above, its going to come down to the tone and wattage you are looking for. Some of us like transparent amps (those which do nothing to colour the tone of your sound (like Acoustic or Hartke), while some like a more old school approach that lets the amp create a more distinctive tone as well (think of Ashdown or Orange).
The bass is a great choice,I agree the rumble sounds like crap atleast the 100 I tried did.I would look for a old peavey tnt 130 or something simular,they are great amps that can be had cheap if you look around.A peavey kba 100 would also be a great choice those can also be found cheap and sound great.I don't follow the new stuff close enough to recommend anything new,good luck and enjoy the bass.
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