Hey all,
I bought an M-Audio FastTrack USB interface for recording guitar with garageband. Now, I've installed the drivers according to the instructions, but Im running into a problem.

when i plug in the guitar and play, the sound is clipped, and there is alot of distortion, enough that you can barely hear the guitar. Now, I know this isnt exactly a high end interface, but shouldnt I be able to at least hear the guitar?
turn the pre down if u havnt already and if that dosnt work do that and hit the pad button
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im using m-audio drivers, it took me to their website and told me to download the latest one. I noticed, the effects in garageband that I use, they apply it to the sounds the computer makes too, as if its disregarding the guitar tone. for example, i tried a distortion setting on one of the preset amps, and it distorted the metronome sound, and recorded loud sounds each time i clicked the record button. could it be set up wrong?
Hhhmmm, I'm not sure. I don't know about M-Audio drivers, I also use an M-Audio interface, but Ive always used Asio drivers for most of the time. Before I used Asio I also had problems with everything, but the Asio drivers changed everything. No latency, good sound.

If you have time I'd suggest trying Asio drivers, see if that changes anything.
Normally here: http://www.asio4all.com/ but that isnt working for me.

maybe these will work: http://www.driversupdate.org/asio-drivers.htm

by the way, its only a suggestion, Im not guaranteeing anything
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I had an M-Audio Fastrack USB and it was nothing but trouble. Theres a glaring flaw in their chipset, yet they refuse to address it because they have the worst customer service I've ever dealt with.
I eventually bought a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB and have never looked back. I wouldn't want another M-audio product, even if it were free.
Interesting. I dont know, Ive heard mixed things about M-Audio. I have the Delta1010LT and have had no problem once with it, so I dont know. Maybe it depends on the model and type of interface.
maybe. Mine was a cheap 100 one. I wasnt expecting something great, but at the same time it should be working better than this, i can barely hear the guitar, no matter where the output levels are set.
for all the n00bs ,
ASIO only applies to windows systems.

All audio on Mac OS X is handled by the integrated Core Audio driver system.