so today is my 18th birthday. idk why i am doing this but, dear pit, what should i do?
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End your life. All the celebrities are doing it!
An Augmented 4th or a Diminished 5th?

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You, fine sir, have impeccable taste.

Ahhhh Yuck Fou.
It's your 18th and ur in the pit. Need I say more?
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titty bar?
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U sure u want a floydrose? those things will make your nerves explode
Buy yourself some alcohol, if you haven't allerady, or if you don't drink.
happy birthday

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LOLjk guise, im not real.

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I don't want to go into detail but it involves my girlfriend, a condom and 10 seconds.

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Ok, go buy a lotto card or two, and some ciggies at your local corner store. Go home and watch porno and fap like hell while smoking (cause its legal now), then almost immedietly, go and buy something on TV when it says you must be 18 years or older to order...

Its the best I got...
knife in the pee hole
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Go, Raeg at the yuppies.
Just celebrate new years, get drunk with friends, have the time of your life
They made me do push ups in drag

I'm gonna have a really hard time if we're both cannibals and racists.

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You're 18 now, you've got no excuse to spam The Pit with noob.
PS: Happy New Year.
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Oh I forgot to say happy birthday

Happy Birthday dude
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celebrate new years with your friends and go to a movie in honour of your birthdaytomorrow ?

EDIT: ow and happy birth day ofcourse
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