Hi, I just installed BKP Nailbomb set in my epi LP goth and I have a small "problem". It plays fine, the sound is amazing, I even installed orange drops, treble bleed and a shadow kill pot.

The problem is that the wire that comes from the pickup selector has ground and line that is used to feed the jack. This line now feeds the kill switch the kill switch feeds the jack and I grounded the jack with a wire from another tone pot and now the ground that used to come from the pickup selector is "airborn". Is this ground necessary for the pickup selector or it was just to feed the jack?

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No buzz. No problem.
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Thanks guys. As I still need to change some things I'll at least cover it with tape so it doesnt touch anything. Thanks
"Steven Seagal is like godzilla for barbies" -> Retard
If you're not getting buzz you should be fine. That said grounding the pick up selector wouldn't do any harm either. Personally id ground it but it's up to you.
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