I've been trying to fit a new pair of pickups into a jackson KVX10 for a while now, and I've just hitting problem after problem - I'm fairly close now, I have all of the parts I need and all of them fit, but the latest problem I've encountered is that I've bought a seymour duncan jazz to go in the neck position, but the wire isn't long enough. I'm seriously hopeing I haven't just wasted £45, I'm fairly sure it's possible for the wire (or rather 4 wires) can be changed, I'm just wondering if it's a job for me (a little electronics knowledge, a fair amount of soldering experience) or a professional. I've spent so much time & money on this guitar already (probably more than it's worth) and I just want to get it finished now.

tl:dr - can I fit a new 4 conductor wire to a pickup myself, or should I take the pickup to a professional?
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just strip back the wire and twist another one to it tight and then solder. you should put some shrink wrap or electrical tape around the splice.

edit: oh, four conductor wire strip back the insulation a little ways, separate each wire and add more to each individual wire as I described above. make sure none of em touch each other.
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