First of all here's the rig i play through:

Gibson Flying V ----> Dunlop Cry Baby Classic ----> Boss Mega Distortion ----> Digitech Hardwire ----> Boss Loop Station ----> Marshall AVT150 Half Stack (Clean Channel)

Now i think that the problem is with the amp, because i've tried the guitar and effects through another amp and it sounds okay. the problem is that recently it has sounded a little muddy, and lacks the clarity and definition it used to have. I bought it 8 months ago second hand (mint condition, but i don't know how much it had been played beforehand). I've tried re-eqing the amp, fiddling with presence - but it still sound muddy slightly harsh sounding.
Now this is the first amp that i've owned with valves in, and i'm wondering if it's the preamp valve that is wearing out. I've had a peek inside, and nothing looks out of place (though i'm no expert). Anybody have any ideas whether this is the problem? Or is it something else that i've missed completely? If it is the valve is there a preamp valve anyone can reccomend for that jcm/rectifier sound? i've heard the supplied valve isn't brilliant. Thanks in advance guys.
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You might just need to change the tubes (valves, whatever, I prefer saying tubes), I don't know hardly anything about tube amps, never playing one, but I'm pretty sure the tubes need changed somewhat often, and it may be time for yours to be replaced.
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