Recently when my friend came over, I did some recordings of both of us singing. His voice sounded great through both of the mics we used, but my voice came out sort of bassy and a little bit scratchy. Is there something I can do to get my voice sounding a bit better, or should I just try and find the right microphone for me?
If he sounded 'great' through both of the mics and you did not, it might be you, and not the mic. Make sure you warm up, and the point of playing back your recording is so you can try and fix any voice issues you find.
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Tough call, but I'd be most inclined to think that the tone of your voice is the culprit. Though it is true that different mics complement different voices to better effect, you can usually hear the difference between poor tone and poor recording.

What mics, by the way?

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