I'm really not sure what genre to classify this song, in all honesty; I'm thinking Post-Punk or Post-Grunge, but I'm not sure. I guess you'll have to tell me.

I'm still in the process of writing the lyrics, but I'll be sure to have a thread in S&L for them once I do, provided that this song gets good enough reviews for me to finish writing them.

Edit: I tried adding in a bit of variation, but this isn't a very big update.
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ha , really cut down from 3line crits to 2 line crits, right?

crit will follow later.

and by crit, I mean crit, not those stubs

so, now the crit:
There is not much to crit apparently and I couldn't spot any flaws. But there are no highlights either. The song will work perfectly fine as it is, but radio friendly songs are a bit boring on GP.
My favorite chord progression was the intro, I like its A B A structure. It will sound really good with the deadnotes and the 16th notes in a real recording, I suppose.

Basically there isn't much to say, transitions work fine, drums are fine, chord progressions are fine.

Only thing I might change is the bass, it's only there for the sake of it, but a bass can be more than that.
Just put soem variation in it with 5ths, octaves and chord tones.
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Quote by thorbor
ha , really cut down from 3line crits to 2 line crits, right?

crit will follow later.

and by crit, I mean crit, not those stubs
Sorry, I'm not the best with crits, as you've plainly noticed. I'll go back and add what I can to it, but it wasn't exactly within my style of music.
Hey, thanks for your crit and sorry that it took so long I didn't see your crit.

Well, here's my crit

Overall a solid song. You have a nice chordprogression and everything fits together quite well. There is nothing that gives me a "WOW" feeling, but that's okay. Not every song needs to have one
There are a few things I have to mention, though. The chordprogressions start to get repetitive after a few times, but I guess Vocals will fix this. If not, you could try to use the second guitar to bring in some new things - I'm not to sure what those things could be, though.
The Drums are okay, they could be better. Maybe add some real fill ins.
The Bass is okay, there is nothing wrong with rootnotes. But if you want to variate, you could also use the bass.

All in all, a solid song.

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