Hey there. Question, does anyone know how or if its possible to convert a floyd rose guitar to a stop tail!? I have an ESP LTD F-2E guitar, I LOVE it, but I HATE floyd rose. This was my first floyd rose guitar, the only thing I use the floyd for really is some harmonics and a few dives, but in my bands style, I never use it.

I really really like this guitar, but I really want to take that floyd off and drill some holes for a stop tail. I dont care about how it looks, just if anyone knows what I should to to make that work?! Thanks in advance!
It can be done, but it would be very costly and best done by a luthier.


You can shove some wood blocks up in the trem to block it, then take all the fine tuners off and all that other bull shit so it just acts like a stoptail bridge, with the capability of being a floyd, so you dont ruin the value of the guitar.
you can buy a tremelno- which I have installed on my ibanez with a edge 3 and it works great, gives you three options for tails, locked, single and floating, meaning that simply by tightening or loosening a few knobs in the back of the guitar you will be able to change it. Incredible easy to install, requires no change to the guitar and is relatively cheap compared to any other option that will work well.

Your best option (in my opinion anyway) would be to get a piece of wood precisely measured to fit between the trem block and the body (underneath where the springs cross), glue it in place so the trem sits flush to the body and tighten the springs up.
This means you can still have the tuning stability of a locked trem and the dive capability with none of the hassle of a floyd (other than removing ball ends but you can string backwards like i do to avoid that one)

there are also devices designed to stablize floyd roses than can be used to make them dive only. I'm sure i saw them on ebay for under £20 ($30?)
There's also the "Kurt Cobain Approach" to this:

As you can see, at one point in time it was a FR guitar, but Kurt put a stop tail on it.
Note the "Harmonica" bridge. +1, says I.
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shoving the wood block in there is always good, but a tremol-no would prolly work better. if you ever decide to use the floyd, you just press a buttton on it, and it goes back into full floating mode
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