I wanted to play bad horsie by steve vai, and the tuning is one step down. I have my guitar set up for standard tuning, but have played in drop D before. is one step down from standard tuning too far down, will it screw up the intonation or something?

What is the farthest down people usually go when in standard tuning set up. Could I play tunings like open A or open G without a ssetup change?

This is the Tab

EDIT, yes i'm using 10s
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I found 10's just a little slack for 1 step down. I used to use 11's, but I wanted a little more tension on my bottom strings, so I stepped up to 12's. I'm using a 25.5 scale guitar too.

but if you're worried about intonation or neck damage, don't be. you'll be fine going a full step down for a little bit. Hell, you could stay in D standard if you want. string tension is preference though.

I suggest EB Skinny Top Heavy Bottom strings for that midrange between E standard and D standard.
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