So I went into my local music store yesterday with the intent of buying a Fullton Supa-Trem, which was awesome, yet walked out with an OCD. I tried it on a few of the Fenders(Twin Reverb, Deluxe, Super Reverb) and I honestly couldn't find a bad sounds of it with my Tele.

Now, I bring it home, with high expectations that it would still perform on my Orange, although I know they are very different amps, you would think a high quality tube amp would take an OD pedal well.

If I try it with the dirty channel with most of the gain rolled back to a cleanish sound and use the OCD, I get a muddy undefined dist on any setting. On the clean channel, it just doesn't work well at all, it sounds like a cheap dist pedal like a DS-1 or something.

Am I doing something wrong here, any little secrets besides running it in 18v mode?
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Are you rolling back the gain on the pedal or Amp? Oranges take pedals very well.
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try setting the Orange slightly dirty and set the OCD for a very light/almost clean drive with the level on full.
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are you using it on lp or hp mode, I use a ocd to a or 50 and its incredible so idk w hy its doing what you say
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You need to have the gain on the OCD below 9:00 to use it to boost an amp, generally. I find that HP gets rid of a lot of mud as well. Try it with the Volume somewhere around 1:00, Tone around 1:00 and gain around 9:00 with HP mode and see where that gets you.
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