Poll: Which pickup? (Bridge)
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Dimarzio X2N
2 8%
Dimarzio D-Activator X
1 4%
Dimarzio D-Activator
5 19%
Dimarzio D Sonic
4 15%
5 19%
SD Duncan Distortion
9 35%
Voters: 26.
well bareknuckles are said to be excellent but i have no experience with them at all. from what i know duncans are great pickups. in their selection look into an sh-6, sh-8, or an sh-13 for the bridge and an sh-1 in the neck. You can also try dimarzios. in that case just go with evos or deactivators.....but from what i hear bareknuckles are top notch quality so id try those
what if i said that the bareknuckles are too expensive.

The poll results so far says i should get the duncan distortion but is that pickup high output enough to do metalcore stuff. I was thinking the x2n or d activator x?
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Quote by BigDwii
what if i said that the bareknuckles are too expensive.

Then get Irongear Hot Slags or Steamhammer or Hammerhead £25 each you can;t go wrong.
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I picked the X2N, because the X2N sucks tone-wise, but you're playing metalcore so it doesnt matter.
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Ignore VantheKraut. I'd go with the SH-6, but I've heard very good things about the Irongear Hot Slag, Steam Hammer, and Hammer Head. Good enough that I'm buying a steam hammer to see how it works out.
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I picked the X2N, because the X2N sucks tone-wise, but you're playing metalcore so it doesnt matter.

LOL Michael Romeo has bad tone?

Anyway ts what amp do you play through?
BareKnuckle pickups aren't cheap but they are the best so they're worth the investment.

Which pickup is best for you will mean you providing more information. Yes, you play Metalcore, which suggests a high output pup but which one will give you the tone you're after will vary depending on:

1) The amp you use
2) The wood used in the body of the guitar
3) The wood used for the neck

It would also be handy if you could describe the tone you're after in a bit more detail as 'Metalcore' is a bit vague.
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I would get a D sonic, I mean.... i used to have it on my guitar and it sounds ****ing nice.
Id get the sh-6 but im a little biased as i have one. I've got some clips of it doing metalcore stuff in profile if you want to listen
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Quote by BigDwii
which one should i get for metalcore kinda stuff. No actives.

Get the SD Distortion .....or better get SD Blackouts ( there are 3 variants available AHB-1 , AHB-2 Metal and Mick Thompson EMTY ) they have more warmth and definition in their tone ....
The D-Sonic is also a good option , it has awesome bass response .....!
Also ...do check out BareKnuckle if you can stretch your budget , if yes then do consider a Miracle man or a War pig !
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get irongear steamhammers or hammerheads if u cant afford bareknuckles.

otherwise dimarzio d-sonic
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I pick the SD Duncan Distortion out of your list but pick ups are really personal preference.

I love the sound of Rockfields Mafia and Fat Ass pups myself.

What guitar are you putting it into?
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I'm using D Activator and it works quite well for my taste of modern/classic blend of metal, so I think D Activator X should be suited for -core's and extreme metal type, but I don't know too much to talk about SD's.