i just got my electric guitar for christmas and have never played a guitar before so im a complete rookie. i got all the necessary equpment and kinda tought myself to read tabs so now i can atleast play a few seconds of a few songs. but this is were i need you guys were do i start how do i get better. should i just keep doing wht i am doing and over time i will get better or can you guys give me a few pointers. thanks for all your help
keep on learning songs. Learn some theory as well. keep on practicing.
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seriously find a good guitar teacher
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seriously find a good guitar teacher

I disagree with that. Yes, a teacher is good but I'm self taught and proud of it. I find the thing about finding teachers (At least in some parts of the world :P) is that you may learn how to play, but you also learn their style and sometimes odd mistakes if they are not talented enough.
OP - Just learn songs fully and try to learn as many different styles as you can. If something is hard, keep trying (Unless it seems total impossible. Don't try to play through the fire and flames solo for example if you don't even know what alternate picking is lol) and read a lot of "Guitar for beginners" articles too, they do help.
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