hi im new to the forums

im 13 and been playing guitar for about 6 months

i can tap, sweep pick, and alternate pick

pretty much the only song i know fully is just funtwo canon rock lol. im mostly into playing the solos of kool metal songs like roses for the dead, unholy confessions, tears don't fall, and other stuff.

so yeah hi
Welcome to UG!

There's a thread stickied to the top of this forum specifically for intros like this one. Feel free to introduce yourself here too.

We're glad to have you with us and we hope you enjoy your time on UG. Make sure you read the rules and FAQ to avoid confusion and keep the forums as clean as possible.

If you have a question or need help with something then you're welcome to send me a message and I would be happy to help you out.
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WHAT UP BITCH!! hahaha im Ryan. I play bass

Hope you enjoy it here :P

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Call me Ryan, Thanks Bro
hey man im Hector i play guitar as well.
so enjoy here on UG
Add me if you want to have a few friends
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