So I want to get a small guitar amp that's around 15 watts. I don't want spend that much over a hundred and I am not looking for some super awesome tube amps with amazing tone, just something to play around with. I play hard rock and heavy metal so I am looking for amps that can handle it well. I have heard good things about the roland cube and peavey vypr so I am wondering what the deal is with them. Also I am not interested in the fender frontman, some friends of mine have them and I just don't like they way they sound. Thanks ahead guys!
^^ that is your best option indeed, does metal better than any other small practice amp
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^^^ You guys get royalties from Peavey or something? Just kidding.

What about a Roland Cube-20X. I know you said 15watt but the 20X has more features (including effects, a tuner, footswitch jack) than the Cube-15X and the Power Squeezer button will control your overall volume with gain and everything cranked if you want.
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For your needs these are the two main contenders, so try them both out and get the one that sounds best to you with your guitar.
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bugera V-5 is a good 5w tube amp which will equal about the volume of a 15w SS. It's $150 and has nice tone.
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