Am I insane to put a Hellabucker with 16-17k impedance on an HSS Affinity Strat? I’d also put in new single coils, but I don’t know what would be a good match up yet. And would I need to do anything with the pots?

I’m tired of my guitar, but can’t shell out $600 for an upgrade. I figure maybe throwing a couple hundy at it will satisfy me for the time being… but… will it?

I’m currently using Guitar Rig 3 with my home theatre system, and it definitely delivers for metal. I don’t think getting a proper amp will impress me much at the moment with my current guitar.

And yes, I’m a noobie. (less than a year playing)

And if you’re gonna advise I just get a new guitar, please explain the whys.
Modding a guitar is always beneficial for so many reasons.

I'm not familiar with that PU; however, make sure that the neck and bridge PUs are closely-matched so that the hot bridge doesn't overwhelm them.

So even though it's a poor entry-level Strat, upgrading it will be worth the $$? It won't be the equivilent of putting a huge spoiler and loud muffler on a Sunfire?

The Hellabucker is a hand-wound pup from BG pickups. Realtively unheard of, but I hear really good things about them. They have good prices for what you get.
I'd get it. Plus if you ever want to later, you can swap it out and put it in a different guitar.
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A better pickup can only improve the sound. I would definitely do it. When you buy a better guitar, you will already have the hellabucker as a replacement if you don't like the stock humbuckers.

To salsawords: same advice posted at the same time...
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If the neck is nice upgrade it. You can always put the old stuff back in and use the pups in something else one day.
Yeah the neck and tuners seem to be pretty good. But I don't know much about that stuff.

She'll keep a tune as long as I don't use the whammy bar much. There are no obvious issues, that's for sure. Other than the crappy stock pups.

So, the pots. Do I need to exchange them as well when replacing the pups? Or is that merely optional?
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... So, the pots. Do I need to exchange them as well when replacing the pups? Or is that merely optional?
Might as well get better pots and while you're at it, shield the cavities and PG with Copper foil.

You probably should. Using less than great pickups probably means they used less than great pots. Same goes for the selector switch, shielding and wiring.
ah, BG pickups, im a fan of them. got a set of single coils and they are nice. the one thing about a pickup that is going to be that hot is it probably wont sit well with the single coils. i had a friend who put a very hot pickup in his bridge and switching between pickups was almost useless because of the huge volume change. so just make sure you get some SCs that can match the output.
Hmmm. Wow I guess I have a lot to research and prepare for if I want to turn my guitar into a (cheap) monster.

Thanks for the advice. Any quick suggestions for where to get some quality pots that work well with hot pups? I'll have to search about shielding... Never heard of that.