Hi guys. I've been playing guitar now for 7 months, and it has taken over all my spare time. I will play along to bits and pieces of songs i know, practice particular techniques, or just play around, and see what i can make. The problem is, i seem to have come to my first road bump.

I feel like I dont know the best way to go anymore. I love to play songs by metal bands, and rock bands, and they seem simple enough to construct on occasion (Like the chorus of Nemo by Nightwish, which is so easy), and i feel like i should make some stuff up and eventually write a song, but the mor i try, the more i get in this rut, and jsut end up playing repetitive stuff.

My question is, which direction should i go? should i forget about that stuff for now, and continue learning songs by other artists? Or should i continue with what im doing, but do a different method. Any help will be appreciated a hundred times over, as im now loosing sleep over it, developing headaches, and getting a fear that my love for guitar will die any time soon,

Thank you
Listen to jazz and try playing some. That should get you out of your rut.
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Sounds like you need to calm down and step back from this a bit, if it's having this much of a bad effect on you. I couldn't write songs until at least a year of playing, it happens differently for everyone, and sitting around and stressing about it wont help anything. I've been playing for 4 years and if I ever sit down and think to myself 'time to write a song' then I know I wont get anything done. It will be a natural progression that you can't force, carry on learning and playing and enjoying your guitar, writing will come along when you're ready.
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I've been playing for a couple of years and I've hit many road bumps where i don't feel like I'm improving or just repeat stuff. Sometimes its good just to take a little break. But I think that you should keep practicing songs and eventually you can take the things you learned in learning the songs and apply them to the songs you want to make. It will take a while and i know its cliche but practice actually does make perfect.
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Do you know any scales? What I have just recently done (Im still working on the song) is I wanted a song that would be expressive, melodic, metalish, and instrumental, and have it sound different. I First thought, what should I do. So, I thought, whenever you here sweep picked arpeggios, its always super fast, so why dont I slow it down, so I took and F minor arpeggio, a G arpeggio, D arpeggio, and an E arpeggio and put them together, and played them slow and with emotion. Then, I got stuck, I was like, what am I gonna do next, so I thought, what would sound good, and in my head I heard a melody which was a really fast run. So, I wanted something fresh and spanish feeling, so I took the D phrygian scale, and constructed a run out of that. From there, I took some patterns I was familiar with, put them together (I learned the patterns by Learning tons of Malmsteen music) and then just came up with a groove and wrote some heavy riffs (Its all octaves, not hard, but I think it sounds neat.). Then I just did an Acoustic part (Fingerpicking and stuff) and then ended with a hendrix style harmony on the upper strings, and then a SRV style run down from the 5th fret on g to a partial Em11 Chord. Thats how I wrote my latest song, hope it helped you. Any questions, just message me.
ok...ok. Thanks guys I reckon im gonna try and calm my headache tonight, and start 2010 off by playing loads of songs in my genres. And i hope the knack of writing my own stuff does come along eventually
and awesomo, Ive sent u a message on the sorta stuff im wanting to do, and a link to a tab for "Hard Rock Hallelujah" by Lordi, as an example to my musical tastes. I aprreciate any help