im looking for a song which is a bit sad but still got a great guitar solo.
Anyone know of a song like this?
It would be even better if the we could play the song in my band! (2 guitars, drummer, bassplayer, singer and a keyboard/piano)
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i wont see you tonight part 1(avenged sevenfold) i havnt heard it for a while so i dont remember the solo but its along the lines ur talking about

sry part 1 not 2
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Radiohead - Creep

solo isn't really technically amazing, but it is an impressive epic mountain of noise
while my guitar gently weeps - the beatles

or go all out and use the yellow matter custard (AKA paul gilbert) solo
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Before this gets closed, I'll say The Rain song - Led Zeppelin, or anything off SAP and Grind from AIC.
You can't really go wrong with Comfortably Numb. I personally think it would sound amazing with a good female voice too.
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Blodarv - Langt Vaek Fra Livet

Or.. Something by.. "Make a Change... Kill Yourself"

simple plan - i can wait forever
i like the solo and im sure u'll like it too, solo's at 2:22
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